Living Room Redo

Hi there! We have another beautiful room redo to show you. 

This room is the traditional living room in the house, but it has been used as the home office, with a small sitting area. The homeowners have never been happy with the space, so they moved the office out and decided to make it a traditional living room.  

Nothing too exciting here! This is the first room you see when you come into the house, so it needed to have more of a presence.

The first step was to paint. That was taken care of that beforehand, they painted the walls a nice light shade of gray and the trim an off white. Most of the existing furniture was sold and they purchased some new pieces for the space. Instead of a couch, they went with two big armchairs.


Gallery walls are definitely a hot trend right now, and an easy way to make a big impact!

This shelf is an amazing piece! Purchased from a customer who was moving and couldn't take it, we scooped it up and knew it was the piece needed for a big statement. It had been white, which we loved, but decided to paint it for a bigger punch. A huge plus is the amount of storage space it has! 


Man, I love these chairs! They are part of Joanna Gaines' furniture line, which made them extra special! A new rug and set of curtains really finished off the room. We took items from other rooms, finding new and fresh ways to display and use them. We love "redecorating" with pieces homeowners already own! Everything came together here beautifully!

Thanks for looking! If you are looking into a redo, let us know. We can work with what you already own, help you make choices for any new purchases, and then put together a room you will love. It never takes a lot to make a big impact!