A Fun, New "Redo"

We have been busy with interior decorating jobs recently, and haven't had a chance to share a lot of them. So today you will get a fun peak into a house that we actually did multiple rooms in. We will focus on two of them here. Hopefully it will inspire you, because it doesn't take much to make a huge impact!

Unfortunately, we did not take before shots, this seems to be habit with us! But you will still get to see how a traditional home can be up to date and modern, with out being trendy.

So this room is actually the formal living room, but our client wanted to change it to the dining room. It was remarkable to see the difference, many formal dining rooms are pretty small, so there isn't a lot of room to move around or add space for guests. That won't be a problem now!

This homeowner, Faye, really wanted a gallery wall. And she had collected these mirrors herself, one even coming out of a neighbors trash! At our consultation with her we discussed painting them the same color, which she did on her own before we came. We hung them and immediately loved how they looked together, quite a statement.

We love the look of a "dressed" table. Faye had this pretty glass vase, but we needed some type of filler. So, outside we went and hunted for pine cones- perfect and free!!

The next space we transformed was the home's sun room. It was a bit of a hodge podge without a real function. Faye really wanted it to be a fun place for her family, especially her grand kids, to enjoy.

Faye had purchased new furniture for this space. But she had a special piece she wanted to showcase. This coffee table was her mother's dining table at one time. We cut the legs down, she painted it, and now it is a perfect coffee table that she can get use from, in a more meaningful way.

This is where we really wished we had a before shot! This fireplace was regular red brick, and pretty run of the mill. We suggested a white wash and Faye jumped right in and had it done in no time! What a difference it made. We love how the chairs look against it!

This picture shows how just about anything can be used as decor. This table was hidden in the home's garage, we spotted it and knew it would be perfect in this corner of the sun room. IT just needed a good cleaning first! The picture is of her childhood home, which she wanted displayed somewhere. The room has almost no wall space though, because of all the windows. So the table helped give us a great place to display such a special item.

As well, hiding in the basement was this tool box. Faye might of thought we were crazy to use her husbands old, dirty tool box, but we thought it looked perfect! We found some other items around her home and made it all work together. 

Here is one last shot of the room. We loved how it turned out. We can totally picture Faye's grandchildren putting puzzles together on their great grandmother's old table!

We truly love creating beautiful spaces, especially when we can use our homeowner's own items and rework them into meaningful and cozy spots. If you are interested in having us come to your home, let us know, we'd love to help! You can contact us here, on facebook or through email (27westandco@gmail.com). Thanks for reading!